A Useful Product Service That Someone Should Create

A Useful Product Service That Someone Should Create

“I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Yes, sir.
Are you listening?
Yes, I am.
– The Graduate

We are undergoing a renaissance in the business intelligence space.

It started with companies like QlikTech and Tableau who sought to empower departments and analysts who were frustrated with the lengthy, inflexible, and costly implementations of monolithic, traditional BI solutions (this new movement has oftentimes been referred to as ‘self-service BI‘ which is part of the overall ‘consumerization of enterprise software’ trend).

More recently, companies such as SiSense, Platfora, EdgeSpring, GoodData, and others have taken up the cause promising new insights with unprecedented speed, flexibility, and/or scale.

While I am excited by the flurry of activity and innovation in this space, there are glaring gaps that have yet to be addressed.

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